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23 Sep 2015 Latest News

Maxim that we all love & wish to live by –                         ‘Maximum Comfort with Minimum Efforts’

Sitting is the new Smoking – but can any one avoid sitting ?

When I was in School we had facilities of play fields for every sport – and one hour period of sports was compulsory.

I grew-up in Delhi-6 where walking was the best available mode of travel & commuting.

Outdoor games now have become a big – NO, NO- for young children – fortunately Gyms, Yoga and Raahgiri is catching-up and becoming in vogue.

The other games that youngster play today – by & large – are on mobile, TV or computer screens

Next big, major problem, is the popularity of high calorie fast foods & sugary drinks among children – who are getting hooked to fries, pizzas & burgers, colas, candies & ice creams.

Obsession with fast foods & sodas is leading to OBESITY among school going children – which is the main cause of metabolic disorders, insulin resistance and loss of immunity, leading to chronic diseases.

Eating a healthy home cooked food is a rarity – children do not like to eat fruits and vegetables – which are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Cut and cook, ready to eat, preserved and processed food are becoming popular.

Eating out or ordering a home delivered food has become the new fashion.

Exercise & eating Wholesome healthy food – were – and still are – most essential for remaining healthy, happy and active .

OUR HEALTH IS IN OUR OWN HANDS.                                                                                                     WE MUST TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH.                                                                                     LEARN TO BE OUR OWN DOCTORS. 

REMEMBER – Bigger the waistline shorter the lifeline

Given a choice, Who will not want to enjoy life ?

If given a choice we all love to live life king size, eat well, have plenty of money to splurge around, make merry and be happy.

But no work and all play will make all of us dull and sick.

Consumerism & High Calorie fast food is the world’s greatest big concern. THINK ? ?

Regulation on marketing of food and beverages to children must be the responsibility of Government, parents and public health advisers.

Working with food industry to reduce fat and salt content of processed foods is necessary.

World today is in the grip of Non-Communicable, Lifestyle diseases – like Obesity, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Heart attacks and Strokes, Knee, Back and Cervical problems due to Arthritis & increasing incidence of Cancer – which are reaching epidemic proportions.

We must make this world a better place to live – for the future of our lovable children – and try our best to inculcate in them the habits of staying active and eating healthy food.


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