TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART-Advice for young – know your BP.

28 Sep 2015 Latest News

Creating Healthy Heart Environment is the theme of World Heart Day,2015, 29th September.

 80% of premature cardiovascular (CVD) deaths could be avoided, if we take care of 5 main risk factors:
1) Control of High Blood Pressure                                                                       2) Avoiding tobacco use & Smoking.
3) Unhealthy diet.
4) Physical inactivity.
5) Harmful use of Alcohol.

Every third Indian over 18 has high BP says the recent study where BP of more than 1 lakh people across the country were measured – of which 25,000 were from Delhi.

*Prevalence of High BP has gone up from –  2 % to 25 %. Cardiovascular deaths are the number one cause of deaths,

** 60 % of those who had hypertension are not even aware of their High BP. An alarming worry and a cause of serious concern.

The fact is that incidence of heart attack among the young has gone-up significantly in the last decade and is A CAUSE OF BIG CONCERN.

Case in point is of a 28 year old executive who showed up in a hospital one afternoon with severe chest pain and breathlessness and was perspiring heavily. His BP was 180/100 mm of Hg ( Normal is 120/80 mm of Hg. ) and his ECG revealed he had suffered a heart attack.

On enquiry he revealed that he was a chain smoker & drank excessively and had erratic work hours with weekly deadlines. These along with stress were major contributors of his heart attack.

Matter of fact is that 13 % of these, who had Hypertension are between 18 to 30 years and 20 % of these are between 31 to 45 age group.

Young people find it hard to believe that have high BP or have a heart problem.  Unfortunately, more and more of young people in their 20 or 30’s are succumbing to heart attacks.

When your heart skips a beat, or even aches at times, or your palms become sweaty, or you become breathless after a few steps or on climbing stairs –  you do not take it seriously or bother much. While the term coronary artery disease may sound intimidating, remember it is a lifestyle problem – which can be controlled.

“Society is becoming increasingly unkind to youngsters, who are mostly overworked, overstressed and underpaid”.                                                                                                          “Youngsters also SMOKE & DRINK A LOT AND DEVELOP A FATTY STREAK – By thriving on fast foods & sugary drinks, with irregular hours for food, while at work.”

The heart beats around 70 times a minute, or more than 2.5 billion times during a an average lifetime, carrying oxygen and pumping blood through your body. Apart from genetics, most risk factors are lifestyle choices that must be altered as a measure of prevention.

Your arteries pump up to 7,500 litres of blood a day ( even though it is recycling the same 4-5 liters over and over again).

The walls of blood vessels have a certain amount of elasticity to take the pressure of this flow without bursting – something you know as blood pressure. When this wall start accumulating certain deposits, they narrow down and even rupture.

To stop the bleeding the blood clots in the artery wall and hampers the normal blood flow to heart. This clot stays where it is and causes heart attack and if it moves to the brain it cause a stroke. Either way you lose and suffer serious consequences.

HIGH BP IS A – “SILENT KILLER”. All those who have a history of Heart disease and an erratic lifestyle must be forewarned. 

Salty Saturated Fatty Diet, Sugary Drinks, Smoking, Stress full and Sedentary Lifestyle & Sleep deficiency is a sure shot call for disaster.



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