16 Oct 2013 Latest News

SURYNAMASKAR or salutation to the Sun God is an age old practice in Indian culture & Hindu tradition. According to Hindu scriptures It should be performed early in the morning after having taken bath as a prayer to seek the energy of prana from Surya to vitalize one’s body, mind & soul.
Vitamin D – which is so essential for preventing Osteoporosis and assimilation of calcium in the bones ( lack of which is also a common cause of backache) is produced endogenously when ultraviolet rays from sunlight exposure strike the skin and trigger vitamin D synthesis. It promotes calcium absorption in the gut to maintain normal adequate serum calcium levels.

It is the best exercise routine which has been there from thousand of years and has withstood the test of time. It must be done empty stomach.  It is simple, it strengthens the body, bones, circulation, spine, overall health and mental awareness. If done as a regular routine exercise it is ideal for overall health as it improves digestion, helps you detox, improves flexibility, helps in weight loss, regulating the menstrual cycle in women and keeps you youthful. It helps in rejuvenation, agility and increasing longevity.

It is a yogic exercise and consists of 12 basic postures done in continuation one after the other in a cyclic motion. It should not be done by pregnant women or during menses by women. One can easily follow the exact postures by visiting the web and mastering the art by practicing it daily, over a period of time. INDIAN HINDU SCRIPTURES TEACH US A LOT ABOUT HEALTH & HYGIENE THE BASIC TENETS OF LIFE.

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