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7 Jul 2015 Latest News

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Everyone of you will agree that HEALTH is something to be preserved and treasured . One often realizes the importance of Health when one falls sick, is bed-ridden, is low and down.

‘NOW IS THE TIME TO CHANGE TO A NEW LIFESTYLE’ : We must learn to enjoy our health and stay healthy, try to live a healthy lifestyle and learn to try and avoid illness before it comes. ‘Take Your Health in your own Hands.’

Some people seek to aim for heaven, while making of earth a hell.   My reference is to our habits, and it is not without an irony. It is easy to say ‘YES’ and difficult to say ‘No’.

Men has always fallen to temptations and desires and are we to be blamed for this? Fortunately, the answer is NO.

“After all, Adams and Eve, also had fallen to temptations, though God had forbidden them. What is the way out ?  “Resist and  Restrain,” whenever and where ever possible.

In the interest of our health, we have to be creative and take pleasure in adopting healthy helpful habits. One must constantly try to remain on the track.Remind yourself again and again that you have to be careful and watchful and be on your guard.                                                                                         THIS IS ALL, THAT IS REQUIRED, FROM ALL OF US !!

1) WISE EATING. ” LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE, ” this is the first gospel Truth of Health!  

All foods that are grown in the nature are best for our health. Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Spices have great beneficial effects.

There is an old proverb, ” An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away”. There may not be an absolute truth in this, the idea is to help us to start a good habit. Fruits, fresh or Dry Fruits, are comparatively low in calories, have more fibres, are rich in vitamins and minerals and above all are healthy and easy to digest. We must eat one or two servings of fruits daily.

Eating fried foods can increase your risk of heart failure says American Heart Association, depending on your frequency per week .

Similarly meat takes more time to digest, almost 72 hours, since the level of putrefaction is high as compared to vegan foods which gets digested in 24 hours or less depending on how much oily they are cooked. Raw vegan diet have many followers. The choice is yours, whatever food gives you energy and agility without causing inertia and stiffness is good for you.     

Beyond eating there are several others, which are decisive in the maintenance of health. Their application is simple and gratifying. One can easily follow them to maintain his or her health.


We live in dangerous times – Air we breathe, Water we drink & Food we eat – ARE IMPURE!

I live in Delhi NCR ( National Capital Region of India) where Air Quality is significantly poor and unhealthy. Ozone levels are very high(2.5 times the safe standards)Particulate Matter is  very high 2.5 times the national standard. WHO recently declared Delhi as the World’s most. polluted city. The air has become more foul of late, Delhi has 82 lakhs vehicles, close to what Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata ( 3 other big metros of India) put together. 55% of population lives within 500 meters of roads.

A study of 12,000 school children found that every third child has impaired lung function. Allergic Bronchitis, Asthma and other respiratory diseases are becoming common in children. Many Foreigners are alarmed and either quitting to leave the city. As Commoners we residents of Delhi are worried for a Lungful of PURE AIR?

AIR : It is possible to live several weeks without foods, also without water, but we cannot live more than 3 to 4 minutes without breathing.

The best way out is to go out in open and breath deeply, hold for a while and exhale slowly with your mouth open. While inhaling deeply your abdomen must go in and while exhaling it must move out. This is PRANAYAM, the basic exercise of YOGA.                                               Idea is to take as much oxygen as possible, since oxygen in the air is necessary for food to be burned in our cells to produce the required energy for healthy living.  We must breathe well and deeply. See to it that your place of work and home are well ventilated.

Take every opportunity to go outdoors. Respiration is the first function of LIFE. Your brain and body will function better if you breathe the purest air possible.

WATER : Around 60% of our body is made of water. Kidneys, Digestive system, skin and bones all need water for effective functioning. Water is a universal solvent of all living matter. We require water for personal hygiene. We must drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. The thumb rule is drink a glass of water first thing in morning and every time before a meal.  This however may vary with climatic variations, from country to country.

Hydrotherapy is a natural and best effective remedy against many illnesses. Hot bath before going to bed is the most effective remedy for a good night sleep. Boiling of water, chlorination and Reverse Osmosis are the established practices for cleaning water. Treatment of water to remove water impurities is the most basic function of all Public Health measures. Water borne diseases are most common in many countries.

ABSORBING THE SUN: The Sun is the main source of Energy for our planet. Solar light is most essential for the maintenance f basic health and Life. Its presence or soaking in the sun by absorbing its rays through the skin helps in producing the vital Vitamin D. Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight serve as a disinfectant capable of destroying numerous pathogenic germs. I still remember my visits to Europe would often ask me to bring ‘Some Sun’ as a gift. I wish it was possible, to do so!

Nevertheless the use or exposure to Sun must be controlled, since the layer of Ozone that covers the earth and filters the solar rays (especially ultraviolet) is depleting. Ultraviolet rays can indeed be harmful, as well.

PHYSICAL EXERCISE : Our body is designed for movement. Exercise is very essential for our body, it combats arterial hypertension, prevents obesity and keeps the entire body in good working condition. Even a  car if it is not used for some time may develop a dead battery or have its tires flats & deflated and its parts rusted.

Walking, Jogging, Climbing stairs, walking up-hill or down-hill, swimming, skipping on the rope, cycling or dancing are all good exercises. Go for a nature trail, if you like.

Walking however, is the simplest form of exercise which can give your body a simple,cheap and non restrictive work out. Find an excuse to walk or climb. It will do you great good, elevate your mood and make you feel hungry. Exercise helps you to sleep better.

Remember, all of us have two doctors: the right leg and the left leg, says an ancient proverb. Keep them busy.

ABSTINENCE FROM TOXICS: Human being is the only being which voluntarily destroys its own health by using toxic substances. Use of Tobacco, drugs, Alcohol has been well demonstrated. Addiction of any kind forces the body to work under unnatural conditions which often leads to early deterioration and disease. ONE MUST AVOID SUCH SUBSTANCES.

GOOD MENTAL MAKE-UP:  Taking things calmly, not worrying unnecessary, not holding grudges, developing self confidence and above all facing the problems with a S-M-I-L-E helps to avoid stress and tension.Rejoice with a spirit of kind gratitude, praise and hope. Hope gives us the courage to confront our circumstances and the capacity to surmount them. Hope is the best medicine ever invented. It significantly impacts our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Having a faith in the almighty and a positive attitude with good mental disposition will help in good functioning of your body.

He who is calm and happy will hardly ever feel the pressure of age, but to him who has an opposite disposition youth and age is equally a burden. – Plato.

LOVE : is the most basic human emotion and is the result of a desire for companionship, contentment, happiness  and joy. Expression of love, towards our partner are an absolute must for a healthy relationship. One has to be faithful and selfless in love and not for satisfaction of carnal needs. You must Appreciate and cultivate your relationship by being there when your companion needs you, you must share and care which is essential for developing deep bonds of close emotional ties. Marriage is like your Savings Account, you can draw, if you have sufficient deposits in your account. It is a commitment.

SAYING YOUR DAILY PRAYERS : Prayers is endowing and is the food for our soul. As human beings we must be thankful to the almighty for giving us this wonderful life. Human body and its every part is a marvellous creation of  God. Unparalleled and perfect in all respect, Par excellence in detail and functions without any hindrance . Have we ever wondered how our heart works non-stop day in and day out and how our mind absorbs, accumulates  every minutest detail, r embers them and replicates them all at our command.

REST AND SLEEP : Rest Relaxes and Restores our fatigue ! In Yoga ‘Shavasana’ is prescribed and meant for complete relaxation. One must lie down in supine position, with arms and legs fully extended, loosen up the muscles and relax with normal breathing.

Sleep helps in healing and general repair and acts as an antioxidant and is an immune enhancer and helps to cope with stress.  As we sleep, the neurons cleanse themselves of all metabolic waste which gets accumulated during the day. Sleep and rest is a biological need set up by the creator for the rejuvenation of mind,body and soul.

How, We all Wish we could sleep like a baby! Good sleep is as important as is the need for a healthy nutritious Food.


Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine

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