MEET THE DOCTOR – who is changing the way we eat.

20 Sep 2016 Latest News

Dr. Aseem Malhotra,  is a Cardiologist, in U.K.                                                                                          

He has brought out a new documentary, “THE BIG FAT FIX”.

According to him Fat is not the enemy but Sugar is, and how refined carbohydrates, white bread and white pasta – are false friends, and must be consumed in moderation. “Some people have an outdated fear of fat,” says Dr. Malhotra. It is nonsense. Full-fat, non-processed  dairy, he says is good for the heart and keeps you fuller for longer.”

Dr. Malhotra dismisses, the current health consensus: ” The focus had been on cholesterol, weight and burning calories – it’s all fatally flawed. The root cause driving heart disease and diabetes id Insulin resistance. What drives insulin resistance is diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates.”

What the doctor prescribes

*FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY: Cheese and Butter are off the banned list. Virgin Olive oils and fistful of nuts are your dietary best friends.

** STOP COUNTING CALORIES: What really matters is the quality of the calories you eat.

*** CUT OUT PROCESSED & REFINED SUGAR: You can eat plenty of fruits and Vegetables.

– REDUCE YOUR CONSUMPTION of refined carbohydrates- pasta is not a main course and pizza is a treat.

– Don’t sit for more than 1 hour on your desk. Stretch, walk or climb up and down the stairs, or do deep breathing off and on.



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