GET YOUR RISK SCORE – FOR TYPE 2 DIABETES. Take charge of your health- now!

10 Sep 2015 Latest News


Diabetes is becoming a major Lifestyle disease in India – which is considered the Diabetes capital of world. You must assess your Risk Score and take ample measures to avoid getting Diabetes.

Answer the following questions and know more about Type 2 Diabetes.

Take charge of your health ? Get yourself tested for Blood Sugar, if required ?

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1. Are you Male            or                Female ?

( Males are at a higher risk for developing Diabetes Type 2.)

2. How old are you?

25 or less           25 plus              40         50           60        70

(As you get older your risk for developing Diabetes Type 2 goes up.

3. What is your Weight in Kg and Height in Cm ? Calculate your BMI.

a) 18.5 – 24.9 Normal. b) 25 – 29 Overweight /  Possibly Pre-diabetes. c) 30 and above.       Obese and likely to develop Diabetes.

4. What is your waist circumference at bellybutton ? 40 cm plus has more risk.

( Body fat stored around the abdomen, hips or thighs is a risk factor for developing diabetes. )

5. Do you do brisk walking or some physical activity for 30 minutes or more ?

Yes                  No

( Increasing physical activity is a key element in controlling weight and reducing the likely hood of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Brisk walking is a great way  to becoming more active and every step count. 30 minutes per day or 150 minutes per week is ideal. Taking stairs is another great way. )

6. How often do you eat fresh vegetables as salad or fruits ?

Every day                         Not Every day                                       Occasionally

( By eating foods that are rich in fibre, reducing the amount of fat and salt in food and adding more fruits and vegetables can help you to control your weight or in reducing your weight. Eating 3 to 5 servings per day of seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables as per your age and sex is ideal. You must watch your total calories, eat whole grains and foods in their natural form to get more fibre.)

7. Have you got your BP checked recently ? Are you on BP Pills?

Yes                 No .

( Diabetes and BP often co-exist. Increasing physical activity, reducing fat and salt in diet, Limiting Alcohol consumption, Avoiding Tobacco use, Reducing stress, Maintaining a health weight, and keeping your BP as near to normal as possible even if you have to take a Pill will help you to reduce your Stroke and Heart Attack complications )

8. Have you ever been found to have High Blood Sugar ?

By Blood test                     During Illness                      No                Don’t know

(Abnormal blood sugar is seen in metabolic syndrome or when you are Pre-diabetic. Gestational diabetes too makes you at increased risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes)

9. Have any of your blood relatives been diagnosed as having Diabetes ?

Mother         Father            Brother/Sister                Children            Others

( Families not only share genes and influences increased diabetes risk, but also your lifestyle)

10. What is your highest level of education?

High School or less              College Degree                 Post-Graduation.

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