MEET THE DOCTOR – who is changing the way we eat.

20 Sep 2016 Latest News

Dr. Aseem Malhotra,  is a Cardiologist, in U.K.                                                                                          

He has brought out a new documentary, “THE BIG FAT FIX”.

According to him Fat is not the enemy but Sugar is, and how refined carbohydrates, white bread and white pasta – are false friends, and must be consumed in moderation. “Some people have an outdated fear of fat,” says Dr. Malhotra. It is nonsense. Full-fat, non-processed  dairy, he says is good for the heart and keeps you fuller for longer.”

Dr. Malhotra dismisses, the current health consensus: ” The focus had been on cholesterol, weight and burning calories – it’s all fatally flawed. The root cause driving heart disease and diabetes id Insulin resistance. What drives insulin resistance is diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates.”

What the doctor prescribes

*FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY: Cheese and Butter are off the banned list. Virgin Olive oils and fistful of nuts are your dietary best friends.

** STOP COUNTING CALORIES: What really matters is the quality of the calories you eat.

*** CUT OUT PROCESSED & REFINED SUGAR: You can eat plenty of fruits and Vegetables.

– REDUCE YOUR CONSUMPTION of refined carbohydrates- pasta is not a main course and pizza is a treat.

– Don’t sit for more than 1 hour on your desk. Stretch, walk or climb up and down the stairs, or do deep breathing off and on.



STOP Diabetes

17 Dec 2015 Latest News

Preventive Medicine is the best medicine. Let’s all of us get our fasting Blood Sugar tested to detect Pre-diabetes . Any one who has his/her Blood Sugar between 100-120 mg/dl is a Pre-diabetic. He or she must adopt a healthy & active lifestyle.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART-Advice for young – know your BP.

28 Sep 2015 Latest News

Creating Healthy Heart Environment is the theme of World Heart Day,2015, 29th September.

 80% of premature cardiovascular (CVD) deaths could be avoided, if we take care of 5 main risk factors:
1) Control of High Blood Pressure                                                                       2) Avoiding tobacco use & Smoking.
3) Unhealthy diet.
4) Physical inactivity.
5) Harmful use of Alcohol.

Every third Indian over 18 has high BP says the recent study where BP of more than 1 lakh people across the country were measured – of which 25,000 were from Delhi.

*Prevalence of High BP has gone up from –  2 % to 25 %. Cardiovascular deaths are the number one cause of deaths,

** 60 % of those who had hypertension are not even aware of their High BP. An alarming worry and a cause of serious concern.

The fact is that incidence of heart attack among the young has gone-up significantly in the last decade and is A CAUSE OF BIG CONCERN.

Case in point is of a 28 year old executive who showed up in a hospital one afternoon with severe chest pain and breathlessness and was perspiring heavily. His BP was 180/100 mm of Hg ( Normal is 120/80 mm of Hg. ) and his ECG revealed he had suffered a heart attack.

On enquiry he revealed that he was a chain smoker & drank excessively and had erratic work hours with weekly deadlines. These along with stress were major contributors of his heart attack.

Matter of fact is that 13 % of these, who had Hypertension are between 18 to 30 years and 20 % of these are between 31 to 45 age group.

Young people find it hard to believe that have high BP or have a heart problem.  Unfortunately, more and more of young people in their 20 or 30’s are succumbing to heart attacks.

When your heart skips a beat, or even aches at times, or your palms become sweaty, or you become breathless after a few steps or on climbing stairs –  you do not take it seriously or bother much. While the term coronary artery disease may sound intimidating, remember it is a lifestyle problem – which can be controlled.

“Society is becoming increasingly unkind to youngsters, who are mostly overworked, overstressed and underpaid”.                                                                                                          “Youngsters also SMOKE & DRINK A LOT AND DEVELOP A FATTY STREAK – By thriving on fast foods & sugary drinks, with irregular hours for food, while at work.”

The heart beats around 70 times a minute, or more than 2.5 billion times during a an average lifetime, carrying oxygen and pumping blood through your body. Apart from genetics, most risk factors are lifestyle choices that must be altered as a measure of prevention.

Your arteries pump up to 7,500 litres of blood a day ( even though it is recycling the same 4-5 liters over and over again).

The walls of blood vessels have a certain amount of elasticity to take the pressure of this flow without bursting – something you know as blood pressure. When this wall start accumulating certain deposits, they narrow down and even rupture.

To stop the bleeding the blood clots in the artery wall and hampers the normal blood flow to heart. This clot stays where it is and causes heart attack and if it moves to the brain it cause a stroke. Either way you lose and suffer serious consequences.

HIGH BP IS A – “SILENT KILLER”. All those who have a history of Heart disease and an erratic lifestyle must be forewarned. 

Salty Saturated Fatty Diet, Sugary Drinks, Smoking, Stress full and Sedentary Lifestyle & Sleep deficiency is a sure shot call for disaster.



Thoughts of a Thinking Doctor

23 Sep 2015 Latest News

Maxim that we all love & wish to live by –                         ‘Maximum Comfort with Minimum Efforts’

Sitting is the new Smoking – but can any one avoid sitting ?

When I was in School we had facilities of play fields for every sport – and one hour period of sports was compulsory.

I grew-up in Delhi-6 where walking was the best available mode of travel & commuting.

Outdoor games now have become a big – NO, NO- for young children – fortunately Gyms, Yoga and Raahgiri is catching-up and becoming in vogue.

The other games that youngster play today – by & large – are on mobile, TV or computer screens

Next big, major problem, is the popularity of high calorie fast foods & sugary drinks among children – who are getting hooked to fries, pizzas & burgers, colas, candies & ice creams.

Obsession with fast foods & sodas is leading to OBESITY among school going children – which is the main cause of metabolic disorders, insulin resistance and loss of immunity, leading to chronic diseases.

Eating a healthy home cooked food is a rarity – children do not like to eat fruits and vegetables – which are high in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Cut and cook, ready to eat, preserved and processed food are becoming popular.

Eating out or ordering a home delivered food has become the new fashion.

Exercise & eating Wholesome healthy food – were – and still are – most essential for remaining healthy, happy and active .

OUR HEALTH IS IN OUR OWN HANDS.                                                                                                     WE MUST TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH.                                                                                     LEARN TO BE OUR OWN DOCTORS. 

REMEMBER – Bigger the waistline shorter the lifeline

Given a choice, Who will not want to enjoy life ?

If given a choice we all love to live life king size, eat well, have plenty of money to splurge around, make merry and be happy.

But no work and all play will make all of us dull and sick.

Consumerism & High Calorie fast food is the world’s greatest big concern. THINK ? ?

Regulation on marketing of food and beverages to children must be the responsibility of Government, parents and public health advisers.

Working with food industry to reduce fat and salt content of processed foods is necessary.

World today is in the grip of Non-Communicable, Lifestyle diseases – like Obesity, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Heart attacks and Strokes, Knee, Back and Cervical problems due to Arthritis & increasing incidence of Cancer – which are reaching epidemic proportions.

We must make this world a better place to live – for the future of our lovable children – and try our best to inculcate in them the habits of staying active and eating healthy food.


Do You Know – Blood Pressure, Diabetes & Pollution contributed to 3.5 million premature deaths in India in 2013

12 Sep 2015 Latest News




1. High Systolic Blood Pressure                        106.7 %

2. High Total Cholesterol                                     126.9 %

3. High Body Mass Index                                       98 %

4. Alcohol Use                                                           97 %

5. High Fasting Blood Glucose                           86.1 %

‘Study which seeks to assess the global disease burden, was conducted by a consortium of researchers led by University of Washington & representatives of Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI)’

Death due to high blood pressure and cholesterol more than doubled in India between 1990 and 2013. 

Whereas those caused by outdoor pollution increased by over 60 %. Deaths caused by alcohol consumption have also increased by whopping 97% .

Researchers who contributed the study observed a significant increase in death over the past decade due to diseases associated with Life style risk factors.

In 1990, childhood under-nutrition was the topmost health risk, causing nearly 8.97 lakhs deaths in India. However, the study shows it is no longer among the top 10 health risk factors in the country. On the contrary high blood pressure, which caused over 76 lakhs deaths in 1990, was the most serious threat to the health of people, with deaths shooting up 106% by 2013.   

The other major contributors to health loss in India were unsafe water sources and tobacco consumption.

Deaths due to child and  maternal under-nutrition have dropped significantly since 1990, though these are still significant contribution to health loss in India.

It is remarkable, says the study co-author Lalit Dandona, Professor at PHFI, that the contribution of metabolic risk factors such as high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol,and that of poor diet and alcohol use, to health loss has doubled in India over the past quarter of a century.

img048 (2)The important lessons and pointers are that we must look at metabolic risk factors more seriously and take ample public health measures to prevent and check these right from the school age.”

GET YOUR RISK SCORE – FOR TYPE 2 DIABETES. Take charge of your health- now!

10 Sep 2015 Latest News


Diabetes is becoming a major Lifestyle disease in India – which is considered the Diabetes capital of world. You must assess your Risk Score and take ample measures to avoid getting Diabetes.

Answer the following questions and know more about Type 2 Diabetes.

Take charge of your health ? Get yourself tested for Blood Sugar, if required ?

img037 (4)img046img039


1. Are you Male            or                Female ?

( Males are at a higher risk for developing Diabetes Type 2.)

2. How old are you?

25 or less           25 plus              40         50           60        70

(As you get older your risk for developing Diabetes Type 2 goes up.

3. What is your Weight in Kg and Height in Cm ? Calculate your BMI.

a) 18.5 – 24.9 Normal. b) 25 – 29 Overweight /  Possibly Pre-diabetes. c) 30 and above.       Obese and likely to develop Diabetes.

4. What is your waist circumference at bellybutton ? 40 cm plus has more risk.

( Body fat stored around the abdomen, hips or thighs is a risk factor for developing diabetes. )

5. Do you do brisk walking or some physical activity for 30 minutes or more ?

Yes                  No

( Increasing physical activity is a key element in controlling weight and reducing the likely hood of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Brisk walking is a great way  to becoming more active and every step count. 30 minutes per day or 150 minutes per week is ideal. Taking stairs is another great way. )

6. How often do you eat fresh vegetables as salad or fruits ?

Every day                         Not Every day                                       Occasionally

( By eating foods that are rich in fibre, reducing the amount of fat and salt in food and adding more fruits and vegetables can help you to control your weight or in reducing your weight. Eating 3 to 5 servings per day of seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables as per your age and sex is ideal. You must watch your total calories, eat whole grains and foods in their natural form to get more fibre.)

7. Have you got your BP checked recently ? Are you on BP Pills?

Yes                 No .

( Diabetes and BP often co-exist. Increasing physical activity, reducing fat and salt in diet, Limiting Alcohol consumption, Avoiding Tobacco use, Reducing stress, Maintaining a health weight, and keeping your BP as near to normal as possible even if you have to take a Pill will help you to reduce your Stroke and Heart Attack complications )

8. Have you ever been found to have High Blood Sugar ?

By Blood test                     During Illness                      No                Don’t know

(Abnormal blood sugar is seen in metabolic syndrome or when you are Pre-diabetic. Gestational diabetes too makes you at increased risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes)

9. Have any of your blood relatives been diagnosed as having Diabetes ?

Mother         Father            Brother/Sister                Children            Others

( Families not only share genes and influences increased diabetes risk, but also your lifestyle)

10. What is your highest level of education?

High School or less              College Degree                 Post-Graduation.

The adage “My Home is my castle” is most appropriate for a a-social person like me.

I love to stay in my home which I built in 1990 and work from it. It is a God’s gift of my hard earned integrity and sincerity in my field of specialization ( Radiology) that I have put up to build me credibility – for over 35 years-now.

I had a very early desire to reach to the poorest of poor by improving their health by serving them to the best of my abilities without any greed or personal ambitions. Being born in a poor family this is what I was taught by my parents and this was the very purpose of my pursuing a career in medicine. I have a clinic in the same premises where my home is, where I have a not-for profit diagnostic clinic. God has been kind and I pursue my interests without any compromises.

Better health – to longer life – is the eternal quest ?

10 Aug 2015 Latest News


Life has certainly prolonged due to advances in good basic health care. But are we necessarily living better?

The young as well as old in particular grapple with everything from heart disease and diabetes to cancer & dementia.

We are a population that is ageing rapidly. ” 5 years from now, for the first time in human history there will be more over 60’s than children above 5.”
In 2050, 2 billion people will be 60 or older, nearly double the number today.

Last year WHO described Chronic Diseases of ageing as a big Public health challenge.

What is the root cause of old age itself and trying to arrest, if not reverse, human longevity genes are a subject of all recent studies.

What happens as we age is no more a mystery. Neurons in ageing brains lose their connections and start to die and ultimately the brain shrinks and becomes less effective. The brains hippocampus, crucial for memory and learning, is the first to deteriorate with age, causing our memory and though processes to falter.

Scientists at stanford are doing human trials to find out if the progress of dementia and Alzheimer can be reversed by infusing young blood.

Stem cell therapy and reversal in DNA changes are other interesting research studies that are engaging the scientists.

Human health and how to arrest the chronic diseases that are common in old age is the new obsession of all the research.

Can we find that utopia? Time alone will tell.

15-Best Super Foods for Diabetics.

27 Jul 2015 Latest News

img051 (2)img052

Diabetics are full of emotions, including anger, denial, fear, utter confusion and even neglect. These are normal. But there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel. But Acceptance of the fact is always and must be the final  goal.

One must accept the challenge and learn to manage and make health lifestyle changes with the help of your doctor and Diet counsellor. Making careful food choices and taking responsibility to live healthy will empower you to react with reasonable thoughts and being in control. Increasing exercise and Physical activity will help you to control your Blood Sugar more effectively and release of brain chemicals called endorphins, which will do more good for your mood and developing a positive attitude.

Remember, Diabetes is all about positive management  practices. It does not mean – end of the world – it simply means Living healthy by choice.

All diabetics must add nutrition superstars in their diet to help in reversing their diabetes, controlling their blood sugar, to burn fat, reduce inflammation and gain more health benefits. (Excerpts from Reader’s Digest Association Books on Diabetes Diet) 

” Go green for grins,  Love chocolate  kisses, Get fishing for smiles, Enjoy Coconut chuckies, Hug a warm cuppa.” 

1.  BROCCOLI :  Broccoli is an anti-diabetes superhero. As with other cruciferous veggies, like kale and cauliflower. it contains a  compound called sulforaphane, which triggers several anti- inflammatory processes that improve blood sugar control and                     protect the blood vessels from the cardiovascular damage that’s often a consequence of diabetes.  Sulforaphane also helps flip on the body’s natural detox mechanism, coaxing enzymes to turn dangerous cancer-causing  chemicals into more innocent forms that the body can easily release.

‘Heart disease is the leading cause of death for people with diabetes, so this protection is a life saver.’

2. CINNAMON : is rich in chromium, a mineral that enhances the effects of insulin. It’s also loaded with polyphenols, antioxidants that gather up all the free radicals in your blood to protect you from cancer and also lowering systemic inflammation, further guarding you from diabetes and heart disease.                                                                                                              Take 1 gram or more grams daily and see your Blood Sugar drop by 30%. A well proven and established super food for Diabetics.

3. COLLARD GREENS : Dark green leafy vegetables like collard greens are excellent source of  Vitamin C, which helps lower cortisol in the body and consequently reduces inflammation as well. All Cruciferous vegetables like Kale & Brussels sprouts

4. BLUEBERRIES : stand out since they contain both insoluble fibre ( which “flushes” fat out of your system) and soluble fibre  ( which slows down the emptying of your stomach, and     improves blood sugar control), by keeping you fuller longer.

5. STEEL-CUT OATS : Oats contain high amounts of magnesium,   which helps the body use glucose and secrete insulin properly. An 8 year study shows 19% decrease in type 2 diabetes risk in people who regularly ate magnesium-rich diet, and a 31%                               decrease who regularly ate whole grains ( like sprouts ).

6. FISH : is a slimming star; rich in proteins, helps you keep satisfied, but also contains a special type of fat that helps cool  inflammation. Thousands of studies have shown that people with higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids have less  body -wide                    inflammation. The very inflammation that worsens diabetics and weight problems, especially stroke in diabetes. But the  benefits are only if you ate baked, broiled, or steamed fish – but not fried.

7.  OLIVE OIL :  A Mediterranean diet rich in Olive oil helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 50% compared to  diet low in fat. Multiple studies have proved that Olive oil improved satiety the most in comparison to lard, butter, and rapeseed (canola oil). Olive oil is a stand-out source of  mono-unsaturated fats, rich in antioxidants that protects cells   from damage, and prevention of heart disease.

8. WALNUTS : Walnuts contain the polyunsaturated fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid, which lowers inflammation. They  also contain L-arginine, omega-3s, fibre, Vitamin E, and other  photochemical, which are also found in other nuts which make them potent anti-diabetic: scientists have found them to   have antioxidant, anticancer, antiviral, anti high cholesterol in  actions. A fistful of nuts is the best snack ever, for diabetics.

9. QUINOA : It tastes like grain, but is more closely related to  spinach than it is to rice. It is a “complete” protein (14 gms per half cup!), boasting to have all 9 amino acids. One is lysine, which helps the body absorb all that fat-burning calcium and also helps produce carnitine,  a nutrient responsible for converting fatty acids into energy and helping to lower                    cholesterol. One of the most fibre-rich grain-like foods, quinoa  contains 2.6 grams per half cup, and fibre helps to the release of adiponectin, a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels and increase insulin  sensitivity.

10. TURMERIC : Turmeric has been protecting the health of an entire sub-continent for about 5,000 years. A traditional Indian  diet features white rice and flour breads, which as rapidly digested carbs would ordinarily raise blood sugars dramatically. But the presence of turmeric – the yellow spice that lends its colour to many Indian curries – helps to manage the potent impact of blood sugar. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is the compound believed to regulate fat metabolism in the body.                                                       Curcumin acts directly on fat cells, pancreatic cells, kidney  cells, and muscle cells,. dampening inflammation and blocking the nefarious activities of cancer-causing tumour     necrosis factor and interleukin-6. Experts believe that combined action of all these factors gives curcumin the power to reverse insulin resistence, high blood sugar and high                   cholesterol, and other symptoms linked to obesity.

11. DARK CHOCOLATE : Chocolate is rich in flavonoids, and research shows  that these nutrient reduce insulin resistance, improves insulin  sensitivity, drops insulin levels and a fasting glucose and blunt  cravings. But not all chocolates are equal, not the milk chocolate.

12. SPINACH : Spinach reduces the risk of developing diabetes, so does other leafy greens. They are rich in Vitamin K, along with several  minerals including magnesium, fol ate, phosphorous, potassium and  zinc. Good source of plant chemicals lutein and zeaxanthin and various flavinoids. It is also a rich source of calcium but oxalic acid prevents much of that calcium being absorbed, but if you blanch  spinach ( boil it for just one minute) this chemical is reduced.

13. SWEET POTATOES : they reduced HBAlc between 0.30 and 0.57  percent & Blood Glucose by 10 to 15 points. They contain anthocyanins, and the antioxidants which have  anti-inflammatory,  antiviral and antimicrobial qualities.

14. PSYLLIUM HUSK : The fibre supplement , long used for constipation relief, is proven to help people with diabetes control blood sugar better. One caution: Take your medicine after 4 hours as Psyllium can reduce their absorption.

15. CANNELLINI BEANS : Packed with protein and cholesterol – lowering soluble fibre, legumes such as tender, white cannellini beans are slow to raise blood sugar.

HABITS & Environment ; The Basis of Our Good Health

7 Jul 2015 Latest News

img046img048 (2)

Everyone of you will agree that HEALTH is something to be preserved and treasured . One often realizes the importance of Health when one falls sick, is bed-ridden, is low and down.

‘NOW IS THE TIME TO CHANGE TO A NEW LIFESTYLE’ : We must learn to enjoy our health and stay healthy, try to live a healthy lifestyle and learn to try and avoid illness before it comes. ‘Take Your Health in your own Hands.’

Some people seek to aim for heaven, while making of earth a hell.   My reference is to our habits, and it is not without an irony. It is easy to say ‘YES’ and difficult to say ‘No’.

Men has always fallen to temptations and desires and are we to be blamed for this? Fortunately, the answer is NO.

“After all, Adams and Eve, also had fallen to temptations, though God had forbidden them. What is the way out ?  “Resist and  Restrain,” whenever and where ever possible.

In the interest of our health, we have to be creative and take pleasure in adopting healthy helpful habits. One must constantly try to remain on the track.Remind yourself again and again that you have to be careful and watchful and be on your guard.                                                                                         THIS IS ALL, THAT IS REQUIRED, FROM ALL OF US !!

1) WISE EATING. ” LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE, ” this is the first gospel Truth of Health!  

All foods that are grown in the nature are best for our health. Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Spices have great beneficial effects.

There is an old proverb, ” An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away”. There may not be an absolute truth in this, the idea is to help us to start a good habit. Fruits, fresh or Dry Fruits, are comparatively low in calories, have more fibres, are rich in vitamins and minerals and above all are healthy and easy to digest. We must eat one or two servings of fruits daily.

Eating fried foods can increase your risk of heart failure says American Heart Association, depending on your frequency per week .

Similarly meat takes more time to digest, almost 72 hours, since the level of putrefaction is high as compared to vegan foods which gets digested in 24 hours or less depending on how much oily they are cooked. Raw vegan diet have many followers. The choice is yours, whatever food gives you energy and agility without causing inertia and stiffness is good for you.     

Beyond eating there are several others, which are decisive in the maintenance of health. Their application is simple and gratifying. One can easily follow them to maintain his or her health.


We live in dangerous times – Air we breathe, Water we drink & Food we eat – ARE IMPURE!

I live in Delhi NCR ( National Capital Region of India) where Air Quality is significantly poor and unhealthy. Ozone levels are very high(2.5 times the safe standards)Particulate Matter is  very high 2.5 times the national standard. WHO recently declared Delhi as the World’s most. polluted city. The air has become more foul of late, Delhi has 82 lakhs vehicles, close to what Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata ( 3 other big metros of India) put together. 55% of population lives within 500 meters of roads.

A study of 12,000 school children found that every third child has impaired lung function. Allergic Bronchitis, Asthma and other respiratory diseases are becoming common in children. Many Foreigners are alarmed and either quitting to leave the city. As Commoners we residents of Delhi are worried for a Lungful of PURE AIR?

AIR : It is possible to live several weeks without foods, also without water, but we cannot live more than 3 to 4 minutes without breathing.

The best way out is to go out in open and breath deeply, hold for a while and exhale slowly with your mouth open. While inhaling deeply your abdomen must go in and while exhaling it must move out. This is PRANAYAM, the basic exercise of YOGA.                                               Idea is to take as much oxygen as possible, since oxygen in the air is necessary for food to be burned in our cells to produce the required energy for healthy living.  We must breathe well and deeply. See to it that your place of work and home are well ventilated.

Take every opportunity to go outdoors. Respiration is the first function of LIFE. Your brain and body will function better if you breathe the purest air possible.

WATER : Around 60% of our body is made of water. Kidneys, Digestive system, skin and bones all need water for effective functioning. Water is a universal solvent of all living matter. We require water for personal hygiene. We must drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. The thumb rule is drink a glass of water first thing in morning and every time before a meal.  This however may vary with climatic variations, from country to country.

Hydrotherapy is a natural and best effective remedy against many illnesses. Hot bath before going to bed is the most effective remedy for a good night sleep. Boiling of water, chlorination and Reverse Osmosis are the established practices for cleaning water. Treatment of water to remove water impurities is the most basic function of all Public Health measures. Water borne diseases are most common in many countries.

ABSORBING THE SUN: The Sun is the main source of Energy for our planet. Solar light is most essential for the maintenance f basic health and Life. Its presence or soaking in the sun by absorbing its rays through the skin helps in producing the vital Vitamin D. Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight serve as a disinfectant capable of destroying numerous pathogenic germs. I still remember my visits to Europe would often ask me to bring ‘Some Sun’ as a gift. I wish it was possible, to do so!

Nevertheless the use or exposure to Sun must be controlled, since the layer of Ozone that covers the earth and filters the solar rays (especially ultraviolet) is depleting. Ultraviolet rays can indeed be harmful, as well.

PHYSICAL EXERCISE : Our body is designed for movement. Exercise is very essential for our body, it combats arterial hypertension, prevents obesity and keeps the entire body in good working condition. Even a  car if it is not used for some time may develop a dead battery or have its tires flats & deflated and its parts rusted.

Walking, Jogging, Climbing stairs, walking up-hill or down-hill, swimming, skipping on the rope, cycling or dancing are all good exercises. Go for a nature trail, if you like.

Walking however, is the simplest form of exercise which can give your body a simple,cheap and non restrictive work out. Find an excuse to walk or climb. It will do you great good, elevate your mood and make you feel hungry. Exercise helps you to sleep better.

Remember, all of us have two doctors: the right leg and the left leg, says an ancient proverb. Keep them busy.

ABSTINENCE FROM TOXICS: Human being is the only being which voluntarily destroys its own health by using toxic substances. Use of Tobacco, drugs, Alcohol has been well demonstrated. Addiction of any kind forces the body to work under unnatural conditions which often leads to early deterioration and disease. ONE MUST AVOID SUCH SUBSTANCES.

GOOD MENTAL MAKE-UP:  Taking things calmly, not worrying unnecessary, not holding grudges, developing self confidence and above all facing the problems with a S-M-I-L-E helps to avoid stress and tension.Rejoice with a spirit of kind gratitude, praise and hope. Hope gives us the courage to confront our circumstances and the capacity to surmount them. Hope is the best medicine ever invented. It significantly impacts our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Having a faith in the almighty and a positive attitude with good mental disposition will help in good functioning of your body.

He who is calm and happy will hardly ever feel the pressure of age, but to him who has an opposite disposition youth and age is equally a burden. – Plato.

LOVE : is the most basic human emotion and is the result of a desire for companionship, contentment, happiness  and joy. Expression of love, towards our partner are an absolute must for a healthy relationship. One has to be faithful and selfless in love and not for satisfaction of carnal needs. You must Appreciate and cultivate your relationship by being there when your companion needs you, you must share and care which is essential for developing deep bonds of close emotional ties. Marriage is like your Savings Account, you can draw, if you have sufficient deposits in your account. It is a commitment.

SAYING YOUR DAILY PRAYERS : Prayers is endowing and is the food for our soul. As human beings we must be thankful to the almighty for giving us this wonderful life. Human body and its every part is a marvellous creation of  God. Unparalleled and perfect in all respect, Par excellence in detail and functions without any hindrance . Have we ever wondered how our heart works non-stop day in and day out and how our mind absorbs, accumulates  every minutest detail, r embers them and replicates them all at our command.

REST AND SLEEP : Rest Relaxes and Restores our fatigue ! In Yoga ‘Shavasana’ is prescribed and meant for complete relaxation. One must lie down in supine position, with arms and legs fully extended, loosen up the muscles and relax with normal breathing.

Sleep helps in healing and general repair and acts as an antioxidant and is an immune enhancer and helps to cope with stress.  As we sleep, the neurons cleanse themselves of all metabolic waste which gets accumulated during the day. Sleep and rest is a biological need set up by the creator for the rejuvenation of mind,body and soul.

How, We all Wish we could sleep like a baby! Good sleep is as important as is the need for a healthy nutritious Food.


Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine

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